Improvised Music from Japan / Teruto Soejima


Independent music critic and producer


    Articles and reviews
    Has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, including the Asahi, Mainichi, and Komei newspapers, and Jazz Hihyo and Gendaishitecho magazines.

    Gendai Jazz no Choryu [Currents in Contemporary Jazz] (1994)
    Nihon Free Jazz-shi [The History of Japanese Free Jazz] (2002)

    As a lecturer at Toho College, gave "Lessons in Contemporary Arts" for eight years.
    Has given special lectures at many universities and colleges, including Waseda University, Nihon University, Tsuda Women's College, and Rika Women's College (Korea), as well as for cultural organizations.
    2005 - Gave lectures at Vienna University, Austria, and the Japanese Culture Festival, Slovenia
    2006 - Gave lectures at Japan Culture Center, Paris, France; Heyri Art Valley, South Korea; PRO-arte Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia; and DOM Culture Center, Moscow, Russia

    Principal invitations include:
    1988 - Invited by the Russian Composers' Union to the 2nd International Contemporary Music Festival in St. Petersburg, and to the 11th Moscow Jazz Festival
    1993 - Invited by Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Tampele Jazz Happening
    1996 - Invited by the organizer to the Pre-Olympics Art Festival in Atlanta; invited by the Organizing Committee of Korea to the Seoul Music Meeting


    Outside Japan
    Since 1979, has produced and organized overseas performances by over 30 Japanese performing arts groups (jazz, Japanese traditional music, avant-garde theater, etc.). These include three European tours (in 1998, 2000, and 2002) by the jazz orchestra Shibusashirazu; a concert in Germany (in 1995) by the shakuhachi player Hozan Yamamoto; and a tour of Russia and Lithuania (in 1992) by the improvisational music trio Ton Klami.
    2006 - Served as art director of the five-day festival "Jazz in Japan 2006" in Paris, France.

    In Japan
    Has organized such events as the 14-day free jazz festival Inspiration and Power (in 1974 and 1976), the Pan Music Festival '82, and the Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Japan Tour (in 1996).

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