Improvised Music from Japan / Incapacitants


The performances of Incapacitants--the physically incongruous combination of Hijo Kaidan member T. Mikawa and former C.C.C.C. member Fumio Kosakai--are so wide-open that they explode the usual image of noise music. The noise sound is completely integrated with the convulsive, leaping, swinging movement of the musicians' bodies--one big, the other small. This is conveyed to listeners in such a direct way that the question "What is noise?" becomes meaningless. --Yuichi Jibiki, Eater

Incapacitants began in 1981 as Toshiji Mikawa's solo project. The original base of activity was Osaka, where Mikawa collaborated with Yamatsuka Eye and others. Later, after the move to Tokyo, Fumio Kosakai became a member, to form the current duo. From the beginning, while the attempt to achieve pure noise has been the most important aspect of their sound, they have also been famous for their stage performances, which are so wild they may remind people of pro wrestling matches. This aggressive, energetic style and the beauty of their noise are unrivaled. Along with Hijo Kaidan, Merzbow, C.C.C.C., and Solmania, Incapacitants is one of the most well known of the noise bands which started out in the early '80s. Because of the members' other work--Mikawa is a bank employee and Kosakai works in a government office--they have rarely toured inside or outside Japan. In November 1999, they performed at the festival Music Unlimited '99 in Wels, Austria. This was their first performance overseas.

Last updated: January 25, 2000