Improvised Music from Japan / IMJ

Kazuo Imai/Yasushi Ozawa/Tomonao Koshikawa/Kei Shii/Masami Tada

Marginal Consort

4-CD set; limited edition of 225

Improvised Music from Japan, IMJ-702-5
Released on March 4, 2007

Disc 1 (IMJ-702): 2003 Part 1 (71:40)
Disc 2 (IMJ-703): 2003 Part 2 (69:06)
Disc 3 (IMJ-704): 2004 Part 1 (64:26)
Disc 4 (IMJ-705): 2004 Part 2 (69:25)

Discs 1 & 2 contain the complete recording of a performance that took place in the gym of the former Mikawadai Junior High School, Roppongi, Tokyo, December 7, 2003
Discs 3 & 4 contain the complete recording of a performance that took place at Kotoku Morishita Bunka Center, Tokyo, November 20, 2004
Mastered by Yasushi Ozawa
CD & text design by Kazuo Imai
Photos by Yuji Itsui
Liner notes by Kazuo Imai (Japanese / English)
Packaged in a handmade cloth bag (styles and fabric types vary; see examples below)

Marginal Consort is a collective improvisation project launched in 1997. All of the members, brought together by Kazuo Imai, were students of Takehisa Kosugi at Bigakko art school in 1975. Once a year Marginal Consort gives a continuous, uninterrupted performance two to four hours in duration. This 4-CD set contains the complete performances of 2003 and 2004 (each on two CDs). The listener is overwhelmed by the myriad sound colors and textures arising from the combination of electric and acoustic sound, and the dynamics that surge and and subside like advancing and retreating waves.

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