Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Ring Ring 1997

(Radio B92/ D016) (CD)

  1. Genes (7:28)
  2. Dong-Deng Hole (9:28)
  3. Basically (6:23)
  4. El Cabillo (7:26)
  5. Yohei-San (10:56)
  6. The Chair (4:06)
  7. Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (8:33)
  8. La danse qui n'existe plus (11:07)
  9. Rapid (part IV) (8:04)

  1. Palinckx
    Han Buhrs: voice
    Jacques Palinckx: electric guitar, effects
    Bert Palinckx: doublebass
    Jim Meneses: drums

  2. Altered States
    Kazuhisa Uchihashi: electric guitar, effects
    Mitsuru Nasuno: bass
    Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums

  3. Meneses & Fajt
    Pavel Fajt: drums, percussion, voice
    Jim Meneses: drums, percussion, electronics, voice

  4. Lajko Felix Group
    Lajko Felix: violin
    Mihaly Kurina: cymbals
    Ferenc Kurina: doublebass
    Tibor Takacs: drums
    Pettik Adam: percussion

  5. Yumiko Tanaka: futozao-shamisen, voice
    Kazuhisa Uchihashi: guitar

  6. Jon Rose: violin, keyboard
    Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, samples, minidisc
    Chris Cutler: drums, electronics
    Extract mastered by Chris Cutler and Massimo Simonini at Studio Simonini in Bologna

  7. Ground Zero
    Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, guitar
    Sachiko Matsubara: sampler
    Yumiko Tanaka: futozao-shamisen
    Masahiro Uemura: drums
    Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums
    Naruyoshi Kikuchi: sax
    Mitsuru Nasuno: electric bass
    Kazuhisa Uchihashi: electric guitar, effects
    Yoshiaki Kondo: sound

  8. Justine
    Joane Hetu: alto sax, voice
    Diane Labrosse: Keyboards, accordion, voice
    Danielle P. Roger: drums, voice
    Marie Trudeau: bass, voice

  9. Kampec Dolores
    Gaby Kenderesi: singing, violin
    Csaba Hajnoczy: electric guitar, bass
    Zoltan Farkas: electric guitar
    Bela Agoston: alto sax, bass clarinet, flute, bagpipe
    Peter Harsagyi: drums, percussion

Recorded live at the International New Music Festival "Ring Ring" in Belgrade, May 9-15, 1997
Includes liner notes by Bojan Diordjevic (both in Serbo-Croatian and English)