Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

The Miracle of Levitation

(Gentle Giant, GGCD001) (CD)

  1. Lam Cheng-ying (3:54)

    Ground Zero:
    Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, guitar
    Eye Yamatsuka: vocals
    Junji Hirose: sax
    Shuichi Chino: piano, sampler
    Hideki Kato: bass
    Masahiro Uemura: drums
    Michiaki Tanaka: percussion

    Recorded 1991 in Tokyo

  2. Solo Guitar (6:49)

    Kazuhisa Uchihashi: guitar

  3. I Found a Place to Have My Kittens (2:06)

    U.S. Maple:
    Al Johnson: vocals
    Mark Shippy: high guitar
    Todd Rittman: low guitar
    Pat Samson: drums

    Recorded by Jim O'Rourke
    Mixing and vocals by Phil Bonnet

  4. Children Recognizing Meat as a Main Dish (3:47)

    Eriko: quacks, whinnys, exclamatories, kindle
    Bob: cords, records, knobs, ignition
    Shinichi: adaptors, buttons, low-end rumble, sagacity

    Recorded in Tokyo

  5. This Close (5:27)

    Todd Carter: turntables, tapes, CDs
    Becky Cooper: flute
    Thomas Deater: guitar
    Brent Gutzeit: bass
    Michael Hartman: percussion
    Mike Schuur: sax

    Recorded live in Kalamazoo, Michigan on July 12, 1995

  6. If I Can't Understand It..., I'll Crush It (2:14)

    7000 Dying Rats:
    Bridges: sax
    Davies: bass, guitar
    Diebel: vocals
    Mikich: drums
    Rathbone: keyboards
    Speir: guitar
    Vast-Binder: vocals, bass

    Recorded at the Woodshed by Tim Pak in January 1995

  7. Event Horizon (8:31)

    James Plotkin: bass, voice

  8. Rena+Ami (1:51)

    Tsuguto Tsunoda: turntables, sampler, CD player, MD player, gut guitar, 9-string guitar
    Sampled voices by Rena Kobayashi and Ami Yoshida

  9. Still Live (2:41)

    Tatsuya Yoshida: drums, vocal
    Ryuichi Masuda: bass

  10. Milena Dravic (2:34)

    Jim O'Rourke: guitar
    Recorded in 1995

  11. (9:14)

    Todd Carter: tapes, samples
    Becky Cooper: flute, rotophone
    Thomas Deater: guitar
    Brent Gutzeit: well-hung gentleman
    Michael Hartman: percussion, vibox, fishwife, 18-string
    Josh Remy: multivox, turntables
    Mike Schuur: alto sax, bass
    Rob Stimpson: 18-string, fishwife, vibox

    Recorded live at WMU Rotunda Gallery on April 16, 1994

  12. Blues for Prince Myshkin (5:49)

    Tetsuzi Akiyama: electric guitar
    Taku Sugimoto: electric guitar
    Atsuko Ohno: drums

  13. The Jackson Stomp (4:43)

    Cult Junk Cafe:
    Tsuguto Tsunoda: turntables, samples
    Kazutaka Sakamoto: dx-7
    Kyota Yoshigami: guitar
    Yasuhiro Ohtani: guitar
    Brent Gutzeit: bass
    Michael Hartman: drums

    Recorded live at 20000V in Tokyo

  14. Party-Hat (0:45)

    Melt Banana:
    YaSuKo O.: voice
    Rika mm': bass
    Agata: guitar
    Toshiaki Sudoh: drums

  15. The Resonance Handbook (1:46)

    Lumbar Trio: guitar, shortwave, tapes, turntables, autoharp, distortion

  16. Mosaic (Excerpt) (3:43)

    Altered States:
    Kazuhisa Uchihashi: guitar, effects
    Mitsuru Nasuno: bass
    Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums

  17. A Memory Book (3:37)

    Yasuhiro Ohtani: computer, sampler, guitar
    Recorded live at Theater Poo in Tokyo

  18. Guitar Solo (2:10)

    Otomo Yoshihide: guitar
    Recorded 1995 in Tokyo

  19. This Is What We Do to Our Enemies (2:20)

    Flying Luttenbachers:
    Bill Pisarri: bass solo, choking baby
    Chuck Falzone: guitar, vocal
    Weasel Walter: drums, synthesizer, vocal

  20. Big Fat Fuckin Zero (0:55)

    TV Pow: drums, bass, tapes, 8mm camera, turntables, shortwave

Released 1995