Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


(Artspace, Auckland, and Dunedin Public Art Gallery) (CD)

  1. (1:17)
    Toby Curnow

  2. Rollercoaster (2:08)
    Not These Days: Daniel Malone and A.D. Schierning

  3. (4:59)
    Maddie Leach

  4. Starters (2:42)
    Marcus Moore

  5. (1:55)
    John Fairclough

  6. Melted Memory II (32:02)
    Otomo Yoshihide

  7. ChCh Messenger 814 (3:56)
    Rae Culbert

  8. Rapid Remix (8:57)
    Sean Kerr

All tracks from the 1997 exhibition Rapid, at Artspace in Auckland, and Dunedin Public Art Gallery, curated by Sean Kerr

Edited and designed by Robert Leonard and Kelly Carmichael
Includes Thierry Jutel's essay, "The Culture of Speed"

Released in 1999