Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Les sculpteurs de vinyl

Memory & Money

(Stupeur & Trompette!, ST 1012) (France) (CD)

  1. Discorder of Memory (2:22)
  2. False Note (3:49)
  3. House Music (3:59)
  4. Zapping Opinion (2:41)
  5. Credit Dance (2:27)
  6. Broken Clock (3:26)
  7. Broken Time (2:40)
  8. Lablax (2:56)
  9. Foreign Exchange Market (4:21)
  10. The United Nation (7:14)
  11. Washington Post March (2:44)
  12. Defacement of Memory (14:01)

Les sculpteurs de vinyl:
Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, DJ Rebel, DJ Sky, and Erik M

Chatherine Jauniaux, Tom Cora, and Tsuguto Tsunoda

  1. Hassen, Luc, Erik, Tsunoda, and Otomo: turntable
    Sachiko: sampler
    Voice sampled by Erik
  2. Sachiko: sampler
    Erik, Luc, and Hassen: turntables
    Otomo: synthesizer, scratch noise
    Cora: cello
  3. Erik, Luc, and Hassen: easy listening records
    Jauniaux: voice
    Ella Mose Cora: child voice
    Child voice sampled by Sachiko
  4. Sachiko: sampler
    Hassen, Luc, and Erik: turntables
    Otomo: drum machine
    TV sampled by Erik
  5. Hassen, Luc, and DJ Carhouse: DJ
  6. Sachiko: sampler
    Otomo: turntables
    Jauniaux: voice
  7. Sachiko: sampler
    Hassen, Luc, Erik, and Otomo: turntables
  8. Sachiko: sampler
    Erik: CD, guitar
    Luc, and Hassen: turntables
    Otomo: guitar
  9. Sachiko: sampler
    Luc, Hassen, Erik, and Otomo: turntables
    Jauniaux: voice
    Cora: cello
  10. Eric, Tsunoda, Luc, Hassen, and Otomo: records
    Sachiko: Klaxon
  11. Sachiko: sampler, Casiotone
    Otomo: turntables
    Jauniaux: voice
  12. Sachiko: sampler
    Luc, Hassen, Erik, Tsunoda, and Otomo: records
    Jauniaux: voice
    Cora: cello
    Choir sampled by Erik

All music by the performers, except track 8 by Erik M and track 11 by John P. Sousa

Recorded by Emmanuel Gilot
Mixed in September 1996 at GOK Sound in Tokyo by Yoshiaki Kondo, and at Lost Space in Tokyo by Otomo Yoshihide

Produced by Ferdinand Richard
Artwork by Pierre Guyoux and Gilles Chaillan
Includes liner notes by Ferdinand Richard in French and English

Released in 1997