Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Tetsu Saitoh
Michel Doneda
Kazue Sawai

Live at Hall Egg Farm

(Sparkling Beatnik, sbr0020) (CD)

Four Improvisations

  1. Three Day Moon 1 (20:55)
  2. Three Day Moon 2 (13:26)
  3. Three Day Moon 3 (24:39)
  4. Three Day Moon 4 (9:22)

Tetsu Saitoh: string bass, prepared bass, Korean ching
Michel Doneda: soprano sax, finger bells
Kazue Sawai: bass koto, kyo-koto, Korean ajeeng

Recorded live by Toshinori Sakai at Hall Egg Farm in Okabe, Saitama prefecture on October 30, 1999
Photography: Toyoki Okajima
Cover painting: Three Day Moon by Taeko Mori
Layout and design: Solomon Perry and Phil James
Includes liner notes by Brett Larner in English

Released May 2000