Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Junji Hirose
Yoshihide Otomo



Side A: Piece of Work

  1. (2:23)
  2. (1:56)
  3. (0:57)

Side B: Piece of Work

  1. (1:32)
  2. (1:19)
  3. (2:09)

Junji Hirose: self-made instrument, toys, etc.
Yoshihide Otomo: turntables, cassette tapes, toys, etc.

Recorded at Space ALTA in Yokohama on April 28, 1989
Engineered by Katsumi Kawasaki
Produced by Junji Hirose and Yoshihide Otomo

This tape was given free to the first few dozen people who bought the Hirose/Otomo duo LP Silanganan Ingay at live venues where they played just after the LP was released in 1989.