Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

The Raymond MacDonald International Big Band


(Textile Records, TCD 24) (France) (CD)

  1. Conduction Instruction (8:07)
  2. Hearing, Not Talking: Tokyo (5:50)
  3. Small Groups (Part 1) (9:15)
  4. Why I Missed Cole Porter (10:27)
  5. View from the 17th Floor (7:58)
  6. Artificial Intelligence (14:42)
  7. Small Groups (Part 2) (3:08)
  8. The Big Toe (5:36)

Tracks 1-3 and 7 devised by Raymond MacDonald; tracks 4 and 8 composed by Raymond MacDonald; Track 6 devised by George Lewis; track 5, free improvisation
All tracks include large sections of improvisation

The Raymond MacDonald International Big Band
Satoko Fujii: piano, keyboard
Maki Hachiya: voice
Toby Hall: drums
Gideon Juckes: tuba
Raymond MacDonald: alto and soprano saxophones
Kenichi Matsumoto: tenor saxophone
Jim O'Rourke: guitar
Alister Spence: piano, keyboard
Lloyd Swanton: double bass
Natsuki Tamura: trumpet
Michiyo Yagi: koto
Tatsuya Yoshida: drums

Recorded by Atsushi Tanaka at Buddy, Tokyo, August 24, 2008
Mixed and mastered by Kenny MacLeod at Red Block Mastering, Glasgow, March 2009

Released in August 2010