Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Derek Bailey
Tony Bevan
Paul Hession
Otomo Yoshihide

Good Cop Bad Cop

(No-Fi, NEU011) (UK) (CD)

  1. No Hiding Place/Softly Softly (18:10)
  2. Morse (16:35)
  3. The Bill (6:47)
  4. Good Cop Bad Cop (9:47)
  5. Flying Squad (19:59)

Performed by Derek Bailey, Tony Bevan, Paul Hession, and Otomo Yoshihide ("No Hiding Place" and 5); Otomo Yoshihide and Tony Bevan ("Softly Softly"); Derek Bailey and Paul Hession (2); Otomo Yoshihide and Paul Hession (3); and Derek Bailey and Tony Bevan (4)

Recorded live by Chris Trent at Frakture Festival, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, November 14, 2003
Cover design by John Wiese

Released in March 2009