Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

M | I - 3/4.10 issue

(Monotype Records) (Poland) (magazine + CD)


Polish language, 108 pages

Another Timbre, Made to Measure, Bowery Electric, Éliane Radigue, John Fahey, Male Instrumenty, Raincoats, Richard Johnson, Alfred Korzybski, Eyeless in Gaza, Grazdanskaja Oborona, Different State, Meredith Monk, Transmediate 2010, Mobile Culture, MonotypeRec. sampler 01 track list, etc.

Edited by Dominik Kowalczyk and Magdalena Rychlinska
Graphic design by Tomek Mirt

CD: MonotypeRec. Sampler 01

  1. Lasse Marhaug/Mark Wastell - Kiss of Acid [excerpt] (4:31)
    From the upcoming CD Kiss of Acid (mono033)
    Lasse Marhaug: electronics, computer, compositional structure
    Mark Wastell: pre-recorded 32" Paiste tam-tam

  2. Alfredo Costa Monteiro - Double Bind (6:11)
    Previously unreleased
    Alfredo Costa Monteiro: computer
    Composed in Barcelona, Spain, January 2008

  3. Jason Kahn/Z'EV - Lausanne, April 13, 2009 [excerpt] (4:07)
    From the CD Intervals (mono032)
    Jason Kahn: percussion, analog synthesizer
    Z'EV: percussion

  4. Eric La Casa/Jean Luc Guionnet - Inscape: La Soute [excerpt] (4:51)
    Previously unreleased
    Eric La Casa: manipulated field recordings
    Jean-Luc Guionnet: manipulated field recordings
    From a live session recorded in 2006
    Edited and mastered by Eric La Casa, December 2007

  5. Strike - Pre-Emptive Polyphony (2:36)
    From the upcoming LP Wood, Wire & Sparks
    Jon Rose: violin
    Clayton Thomas: double bass
    Mike Majkowski: double bass

  6. Tetuzi Akiyama/Tom Carter/Christian Kiefer - The Black Dog of Hanging Hills (Part 1) (2:35)
    From the upcoming LP The Darkened Mirror
    Tetuzi Akiyama: acoustic guitar
    Tom Carter: electric guitar
    Christian Kiefer: acoustic guitar, accordion, banjo
    Chip Conrad: percussion (guest appearance)
    Scott Leftridge: bass (guest appearance)

  7. eRikm/Michel Doneda - Razine [excerpt] (3:06)
    From the upcoming CD of yet unknown name
    Michel Doneda: alto saxophone
    eRikm: turntables

  8. Alessandro Bosetti - Life Expectations [excerpt] (2:59)
    From the upcoming CD Royals
    Alessandro Bosetti: electronics, field recordings, piano, Wurlitzer piano, soprano saxophone, guitar, harpsichord, etc.

  9. Bertrand Gauguet/Franz Hautzinger/Thomas Lehn - Close Up 04 (4:33)
    Previously unreleased
    Bertrand Gauguet: alto and soprano saxophones
    Franz Hautzinger: quatertone trumpet, electronic devices
    Thomas Lehn: analogue synthesizer
    Recorded by Thomas Lehn at Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France, February 2008
    Mixed by Bertrand Gauguet

  10. Komora A - Czarny Eter (4:51)
    Karol Koszniec: electro-acoustic devices
    Dominik Kowalczyk: laptop, nintendo
    Jakub Mikołajczyk: sound generator

  11. Lydia Lunch/Philippe Petit - Requiescat in the Dark (4:36)
    Previously unreleased
    Lydia Lunch: vocals
    Philippe Petit: processed acoustics + electronics
    Bela Emerson: cello (guest appearance)

  12. Bruce Russell/Richard Francis - Garage 1 (4:48)
    Previously unreleased
    Bruce Russell: guitar
    Richard Francis: computer, modular synthesizer
    Collaboration by postal exchange recorded in Lyttleton and Auckland, Australia, 2007-2009

  13. Michael Vorfeld - Schaukel (3:25)
    Previously unreleased
    Michael Vorfeld: percussion, stringed instruments
    Recorded by Berserker at Nurnichtnur Studios, Kleve, Germany, during the studio session for the CD Flugangst (mono031), May 25 and 26, 2007

  14. Mirt - My Broken Zither Beat (4:24)
    Mirt: one-string zither, analogue syntesizers, DX7, trumpet, sampler

  15. Tom Smith - Only the Weakest Cunts Scream (2:32)
    Tom Smith: voice

  16. Michel Doneda - For Lol Coxhill [excerpt] (3:58)
    Previously unreleased
    Michel Doneda: alto saxophone
    From live recording made in public at studio Piendu, Le Havre, France, April 4, 2006

  17. Wolfram - Miejsce Zdarzenia (4:40)
    Wolfram: laptop

  18. Hot Club - Lorsque Yvonne Descend (4:32)
    From the LP Straight Outta Bagnolet (monoLP004)
    Jac Berrocal: trumpet, voice
    Alexandre Bellenger: turntables
    Dan Warburton: violin
    François Fuchs - bass

Released in summer 2010