Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

The Art of the Gremlin: Inventive Musicians, Curious Devices

Leonardo Music Journal CD Series Volume 17

(EMF Media, EMF CD 073) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Dan Wilson - Printar [Study One] (4:17)
    Recorded and dubbed on 4-track cassette in a garage, September 2006

  2. NotTheSameColor - bin_op (4:02)
    Billy Roisz: TV, Hi8 cam, EQ Killer, audio and video mixing desk
    dieb13: klopfer (self-built embedded computer with self-written audio software)
    Recorded at Sperrmuecc Studios, Vienna
    Mastered by Dieter Kovacic

  3. Rotted Orange - Birthday Bull (1:51)
    César Dávila-Irizarry: circuit-bent transistor radio
    Jacob Christopher Hammes: laptop
    Recorded in Chicago, November 21, 2005
    Previously released in 2006 by Cursor Records

  4. Kunst.ruch.ter - Grandpa's Broken Hearing Aid (4:51)
    Recorded live in the studio of Radio Lemurie TAZ, September 14, 2006

  5. Owl Project - Bubo Bubo (0:58)
    Simon Blackwell, Antony Hall: 2 Log1k prototype models

  6. Norbert Möslang - solar_greetings (5:02)
    Norbert Möslang: 2 solar cells, 4 greeting-card chips, 2 flashlights
    Recorded at Bots Studio, St. Gallen, Switzerland, September 2006
    Stereo recording by Norbert Möslang

  7. Moshi Honen - Birds Do It (4:24)
    Recorded by Moshi Honen on Hampstead Heath, North London, summer 2006

  8. Grace and Delete - Splittens (4:38)
    Recorded to DAT by Grace and Delete (James Dunn and Chris Cundy) with 2 Shure Prologue electret condenser microphones, at Passing Clouds, Dalston, East London, August 23, 2006

  9. Haco - Pencil Organ '04 [Excerpt] (2:17)
    Recorded live by Haco for instrumentalize #2 at Kawasaki City Museum, August 22, 2004
    Edited by Haco

  10. Leonardo Di Crappio - America, Torture Capital of the World (4:25)
    Leonardo Di Crappio: adapted ring modulator, remote head tape and speaker, state variable EQ, low-frequency generator
    Recorded with various microphones (Røde, Blue, SM 57, Mitochiba) to Pro-tools mix system 24-bit 48khz, London, January 9, 2007
    Mixed by Knut Aufermann, January 2007

  11. Ferran Fages - Destens (4:54)
    Recorded by Pablo Rega, Barcelona, September 2006
    Mastered by Ferran Conangla at Laboratori de So de Metrònom, Barcelona, November 2006

  12. Oscillatorial Binnage - Taut Wires, Lice and Flies (2:24)
    Toby Clarkson: coils, cameras, cracklebox, video projector, modified personal alarms, broken computer
    Chris Weaver: electric elastic-band zither, percussion, horn, "locomotive" cracklebox, laptop, paper
    Dan Wilson: touch contact boxes, blubbabox, modified shaver, chair, keys, laptop
    Recorded at Tyrwhit Road, October 2005
    Edited and mastered by Dan Wilson

  13. Børre Mølstad - Tubafeedback (1:31)
    Børre Mølstad: tabletop tuba, homemade talkbox
    Recorded by Børre Mølstad in his living room, October 7, 2006

  14. Rhodri Davies - Camber (9:59)
    Rhodri Davies: harp, EBows
    Recorded by Graham Halliwell at The Old School, Bracon Ash, Norfolk, January 2004
    Edited by Ben Drew and John Wall
    Mixed by Louisa Martin

  15. Knut Aufermann and Tetsuo Kogawa - fm:i/o (3:51)
    Tetsuo Kogawa and Knut Aufermann: micro FM transmitters, radios, mixing desk
    Recorded in Tokyo, Weymouth, and Munich, 2006-2007
    Track construction by Ken Aufermann, 2007

  16. Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb #41 (6:38)
    Toshimaru Nakamura: no-input mixing board
    Recorded in Tokyo, September 28, 2006

  17. Ivan Palacky - In the Knitting Mood (5:04)
    Ivan Palacky: amplified Dopleta 160 knitting machine
    Recorded at Slatinka, Brno, Czech Republic, September 19, 2006
    Mixed by Ivan Palacky

Curated by Sarah Washington
All recordings engineered and remastered by Tom Erbe
Design by Peter Soe, Jr.
Cover art by Jim Whelton
Includes liner notes by Sarah Washington (in English)

Released in 2007