Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yasuziro Ozu: Hitokomakura

(and/OAR, and/26) (U.S.) (2-CD set)

CD 1

  1. Steve Roden - Tapping the Inside of Sitting Still (4:45)
    Steve Roden: guitar, voice field recordings in Kyoto and Kamakura

  2. Hitoshi Kojo - Ka Ra Mo (7:00)
    Recorded at Mooste, Reading, Nyon, and Kaseda, 2005 and 2006

  3. Koura - Tadaima (1:32)
    Recorded in Seto, Japan

  4. Kiyoshi Mizutani - Two Tables (2) (3:47)

  5. Aono Jikken Ensemble - Tsuiso (Chasing Memories) (4:12)
    Aono Jikken Ensemble
    William Satake Blauvelt: xylimba, furin, Chinese cymbals and gongs, Indonesian cymbals, waterphone, bowed dulcimer, industrial metal drum
    Susie Kozawa: field recording - Northwest crows, bamboo vegetable scraper, jar rattles, styrofoam on autoharp, overtone singing
    Michael Shannon: Indian singing bowls, camel bell
    Naho Shioya: voice, frame drum, African pod rattle
    Esther Sugai: bamboo flute, live mixer
    Marcia Takamura: chi balls, rinbo, Indian bells

  6. Yoshio Machida - Kaze (4:00)
    Yoshio Machida: steel pan

  7. Alejandra & Aeron - Ukigusa (3:01)

  8. Aono Jikken Ensemble - Kodama (Echoes) (2:15)
    Aono Jikken Ensemble
    William Satake Blauvelt: African pod rattle
    Susie Kozawa: tagua nuts, hyoshigi
    Michael Shannon: dilruba
    Naho Shioya: vocal
    Esther Sugai: shakuhachi
    Marcia Takamura: fue
    Recorded by Michael Shannon and Susie Kozawa in Marcia's garage, Seattle, April 15 and 16, 2006
    Mixed by Michael Shannon
    Produced and edited by Michael Shannon at Joy Street Studios, Seattle

  9. Haco - Blind (3:40)
    Composed, recorded, processed, and mixed by Haco
    All materials recorded with a binaural microphone

  10. Jason Kahn - Pillow Shot 10, Ukigusa (2:02)
    Recorded on the roof of Jason Kahn's house, Zurich, using a piezo microphone with brass wires soldered onto it

  11. Asuna - From Scene 99 to the End: Kohayagawa-ke no Aki (1:34)
    Left: electromagnetic wave of cathode-ray tube
    Right: solid vibration of videotape

  12. Steinbrüchel - Seen (5:32)
    Based and processed out of the field recordings used in "Waldsee" (CD 2: track 3)
    Composed and recorded by Ralph Steinbrüchel

  13. Taku Sugimoto - Tengu in Linguistics (4:11)

  14. Sawako - Tooi Soba (4:52)

  15. Dale Lloyd - One and the Same, Beginnings and Endings (3:03)
    Dale Lloyd: guitar, field recording, processing

CD 2

  1. Bernhard Günter - Iki no Kaiga (5:18)

  2. John Hudak - My Windsock (3:51)

  3. Steinbrüchel - Waldsee (1:36)
    Structured from untreated field recordings made in the woods and along the lake of Zurich
    Composed and recorded by Ralph Steinbrüchel

  4. Toshiya Tsunoda - Similar Figure on Horizon (6:00)
    Physical vibration with sine waves

  5. Keith Berry - Hatsu Yume (6:57)

  6. Kiyoshi Mizutani - Two Tables (1) (3:59)

  7. Michael Shannon - Hitan (2:41)
    Michael Shannon: erhu, rinbo, Indian singing bowls, field recordings
    Recorded and produced by Michael Shannon in Seattle

  8. Koura - Dakara (0:30)
    Recorded in Gifu, Japan

  9. Roel Meelkop - Ukigusa (5:39)

  10. Marc Behrens - Samma no Aji (7:19)

  11. Lawrence English - Before That Tower Lies (3:44)

  12. Sukora - Rendered (3:37)

  13. Michael Shannon & Dean Moore - Jiken (2:37)
    Michael Shannon: field recordings
    Dean Moore: assorted gongs, Balinese cheng-cheng
    Recorded and produced by Michael Shannon in Seattle

  14. Heribert Friedl - W* (3:45)
    Heribert Friedl: accordion, hackbrett

  15. Michael Shannon - Graced by Loneliness (2:07)
    Recorded and produced by Michael Shannon in Seattle

  16. Dale Lloyd - Return to Me Who Sleeps (3:56)
    Dale Lloyd: guitar, processing

PDF booklet including introduction by Dale Lloyd, track list with some artists' track notes, and stills from Yasujiro Ozu's films
Includes liner notes in English by Doug Cummings

Released in June 2007