Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Brett Larner
Taku Sugimoto
Burkhard Stangl

Compositions for Guitars

(a bruit secret, a bruit secret 103) (France) (CD)

  1. M-7/21-1 (Brett Larner)
  2. Hum (Taku Sugimoto)
  3. Tuning No. 1 (Burkhard Stangl)
  4. Tuning No. 2 (Burkhard Stangl)
  5. Tuning No. 3 (Burkhard Stangl)


Composed by Brett Larner

Javier Arciniegas, Leila Khatapoush, Wally Scharold, Mark Bartscher, Ann-Marie Kishel, Jonathan Segel, Myles Boisen, Stanley Lam, Liz Setzer, John Dieterich, Brett Larner, John Shiurba, Anne Hege, Andy Nathan, Corinne Sklar, Alex Hutchings, Joel Pickard, Tadashi Usami, Kendra Juul, David Rosenfeld, Alyssa Wilmot

All players: steel-string acoustic guitars

Recorded by Michael Trigilio at Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, CA, on November 13, 2002
Performed and recorded without amplification, overdubs, effects, or other electronic processing
Mastered by Brett Larner and Michael Trigilio at CCM Studios, Oakland, CA, on November 14 and 16, 2002


Composed by Taku Sugimoto

Tetuzi Akiyama, Oren Ambarchi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Yoshihide Otomo, Keith Rowe, Burkhard Stangl, Taku Sugimoto

All players: guitars, amplifiers

Recorded live by Taku Sugimoto at Grapefruit Moon, Tokyo, on October 20, 2002

Tuning No. 1 (9:21)

Burkhard Stangl: steel-string guitars, Spanish guitar

Tuning No. 2 ("Folktune") (3:05)

Burkhard Stangl: theme and steel-string guitar
Taku Sugimoto: detuner

Tuning No. 3 ("Dowland") (2:33)

Burkhard Stangl: Spanish guitar
Rita Emilia: detuner

All tracks composed by Burkhard Stangl

All tracks recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered at Studio Oelweingasse, Vienna, in March and April 2003

Released in July 2003