Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Tetsu Saitoh
Naoki Kita

Mei: Duo Improvisation Live at Kid Ailack Art Hall

(Travessia, TRV-014) (CD)

  1. 1st Part: Moonlight through Window (30:13)
  2. 2nd Part: The Sun and the Moon (37:30)

Tetsu Saitoh: contrabass
Naoki Kita: violin

Recorded live at Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, June 1, 2014
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hayato Ichimura
Artwork and design by Satoshi Itaya
Photo by Maki Saitoh
Includes Japanese liner notes by Tetsu Saitoh and Naoki Kita

Released in July 2014