Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Barre Phillips
Bass Ensemble Gen311

Live at Space Who

(Travessia, TRV-011) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Improvisation 4 (10:22)
  2. Improvisation 3 (Commandante Barre) (12:10)
  3. Improvisation 2 (5:53)
  4. Improvisation 1 (with an Autumnal Insect) (15:50)

Barre Phillips: contrabass

Bass Ensemble Gen311
Tetsu Saitoh: contrabass
Masao Tajima: contrabass
Takashi Seo: contrabass
Kazuhiro Tanabe: contrabass
Pearl Alexander: contrabass

Recorded live at Space Who, Fukaya, October 27, 2012
Mastered by Masaaki Shimada, December 7, 2012
Photos and design by Maki Saitoh
Includes liner notes by Barre Phillips and Tetsu Saitoh, and each musician's biography, all in Japanese and English

Released in January 2013