Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Toshiaki Ishizuka
Sachiyo Sakata

A Night, and a Night

(Test/Creativeman Disc., CMDD-00019) (Japan) (CD)

  1. A Dog, He Breaks(3:05)
  2. Dance with Jinta(2:44)
  3. People, like Shadows (4:49)
  4. A Flower of Mud (1:28)
  5. From the Depth (5:46)
  6. Follin' Down, a Big Tree (0:25)
  7. A Night, and a Night (3:28)
  8. Kiyose Movie Theater (5:16)
  9. Spring, from a Pin Hall (1:06)
  10. Theater of the Water (7:26)
  11. Page 1 (0:55)
  12. Far Introduction (1:24)

Toshiaki Ishizuka: percussion, toy-piano, acoustic guitar, drums
Sachiyo Sakata: vocal, clarinet, flute, ocarina, fue, percussion

Recorded at E-STAR, Tokyo, December 1995
Engineered by Shinji Fujiki and Kaneaki Saionji
Produced by Hidenobu Kaneda

Photography by Hidenobu Kaneda
Artwork by Toshiaki Ishizuka
Design by Shinsaku Sekiguchi

Released in April 1996