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The Alps

Jewelt Galaxies/Spirit Shambles

(Spekk, KK-008) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Moon over Egypt (4:22)
  2. The River Lies with the Lilies (17:46)
  3. Tintinabulations (15:33)
  4. O Wind (5:32)
  5. Bird with the Crystal Plumage (17:20)
  6. Spirit Shambles (0:53)
  7. Autumn Rhythm (3:10)

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The Alps
Scott Hewicker
Alexis Georgopoulos
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Instruments: wooden flute, tabla, orchestra bells, electric guitar, omnichord, microphone, clarinet, violin bow, acoustic guitar, organ, shakers, mixer, electronics, tambourine, floor tom, bongo, cymbals, voice, cassette tape, sleigh bells

Recorded in Scott Hewicker's living room, San Francisco, 2005
Mastered by Zengyo
Drawings by Satoshi Ogawa
Artwork design by mondii

Released in December 2006
Tracks 1-3 originally released in 2005 as the CD-R Jewelt Galaxies on Root Strata (rs002)
Tracks 4-7 originally released in 2006 on the CD-R Spirit Shambles on Digitalis Recordings (foxglove112)