Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Antoine Beuger

A Young Person's Guide to Antoine Beuger

(slubmusic, SMCD 13) (Japan) (CD)

1-12. Tanzaku [2007] (30:22)
For eight bowed string instruments

13-18. Sekundenklänge (Some Sounds, Just Seconds) [2007] (22:04)
For an instrument with decaying sounds

Composed by Antoine Beuger

Kazuya Takeda: violin (1)
Hiroki Chiba: violin (1)
Taeko Okada: violin (1)
Tetuzi Akiyama: viola (1)
Nankou Kumon: cello (1)
Toshiki Izumi: cello (1)
Taku Sugimoto: cello (1), electric guitar (2)
Masanori Hattori: double bass (1)

Recorded by Taku Sugimoto
Edited and mastered by Taku Unami
Drawing and design by Taku Sugimoto
Includes notes by Antoine Beuger (in English)

Released in February 2008