Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Manabu Suzuki

Live Installation at Loop-Line Recorded by Toshiya Tsunoda

(Skiti, sk05) (Japan) (CD)

  1. (Room Ambience_Loop-Line) (0:44)
  2. Take 1: Extracts/R Ch Mic inside Tsunoda's Left Ear. In the Latter Half, Ear Shut by Hand (17:17)
  3. (Room Ambience_Loop-Line/R Ch Mic inside Tsunoda's Left Ear) (0:32)
  4. Take 2: Air Conditioner Off/R Ch Mic inside Tsunoda's Left Ear (23:11)
  5. (R Ch Ear Shut by Hand) (1:05)

Recorded at Loop-Line, Tokyo, July and August 2010
Design by Toshiya Tsunoda and Satoe Kobayashi
Includes liner notes by Manabu Suzuki and Toshiya Tsunoda in Japanese and English (Tsunoda's liner notes translated by Makoto Oshiro)

Released in October 2010