Improvised Music from Japan / Discography



(Project: Consume/ Consuming Ground-Zero, Vol. 2)

(Sank-ohso Discs/Creativeman Disc., CMDD-00047) (CD)

  1. (untitled) (1:19)
  2. Nani? (6:34)
  3. Part 1: Contractions/ Part 2: Extractions (4:11)
  4. What a Way to Die (11:49)
  5. Part 3: Interrogations (4:46)
  6. WUS (9:56)
  7. Consume Red (HK 97 Red Noise Mix) (11:49)
  8. Part 4: Constipations (3:35)

Conflagration contains remixes of Consume Red composed by Otomo Yoshihide and performed by Ground-Zero.

1: (untitled)
Remixed by DJ Mao

2: Nani?
Remixed by gastr del sol
Recorded and mastered at steam room, Chicago, March 16, 1997

3: Contractions/ Extractions, 5: Interrogation, 8: Constipations
Remixed by Stock, Hausen & Walkman
Recorded at Dickys Skull by Matt Wand and Andrew Sharpley, March 1997
Equipment: Contractions - several stages of time compression on EMU ES1.32 sampler; Extractions - cassette tape pause button edits; Interrogations - AKAI remix 88 sampler improvised live; Constipations - Remix 88 improvisation through Zoom FX unit with Waldorf Pulse Synth

4: What a Way to Die
Remixed by Violent Onsen Geisha
Equipment: sampler, disk recorder
Additional production and mix by Masaya Nakahara

6: WUS
Remixed by Bob Ostertag
Recorded March 15, 1997
Equipment: Ensoniq ASR-10, Energic Logic Software on Macintosh

7: Consume Red (HK 97 Red Noise Mix)
Remixed by Dickson Dee
Recorded at Phantom Studio and Sound Factory Studio, March 4, 1997
Engineered by Andy Chan and Dickson Dee

Produced by Consent-Chan (Sachiko Matsubara and Haruna Ito)
Basic idea by Shigenori Noda

Mastered by Yoshiaki Kondo at Kojima Recording Inc., Tokyo, April 18, 1997
Design by Madoka Iwabuchi

Released in July 1997