Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

The Improvisation Meeting in Chicago

(Radio off duty recordings, LFQR 779) (CD)

  1. Drumm, Okura, O'Rourke, Sugimoto (5:24)
  2. Drumm, Okura, Sugimoto (4:19)
  3. Butters, O'Rourke, Sugimoto (4:04)
  4. Colligan, Okura (3:36)
  5. Abrams, Butters, Colligan, Gutzeit, Lonberg-Holm, Okura, O'Rourke, Sugimoto (5:40)
  6. Abrams, Butters, Colligan, Okura, Sugimoto (6:10)
  7. Abrams, Colligan, Drumm, Okura, Sugimoto, Taylor (4:20)
  8. Grubbs, Hartman, Okura, Long K., A. Vida, Wilkus (6:32)
  9. Abrams, Okura (4:40)
  10. Abrams, Colligan, Dorling, Drumm, Gutzeit, Hartman, Lonberg-Holm, Sugimoto, A. Vida (8:27)
  11. Grubbs, Sugimoto, A. Vida, B. Vida (6:56)
  12. Gutzeit, Hartman, Long K., Okura, Sugimoto, A. Vida, Wilkus (8:13)

Josh Abrams: double bass
Steve Butters: percussion
Michael Colligan: reeds
Jim Dorling: harmonium
Kevin Drumm: electric guitar
David Grubbs: harmonium
Brent Gutzeit: electric koto
Michael Hartman: drums
Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello
Ernst Long K.: trumpet, electronics
Masahiko Okura: alto sax
Jim O'Rourke: acoustic guitar
Taku Sugimoto: electric guitar
Chad Taylor: drums
Rob Wilkus: electronics
Adam Vida: drums
Benjamin Vida: electric guitar

Recorded at WNUR-FM on April 18, 1998 (1); at Empty Bottle on April 21, 1998 (2, 7); at Myopic bookstore on April 20, 1998 (3-6); and at Hanco Loft by Tod Carter on April 22, 1998 (8-12)

Produced by Taku Sugimoto
Co-produced by Radio off duty recordings
Mastered by Kazunao Nagata at Transonic Studio
Photography and design: Masae Tanabe

Inculded linernotes by Taku Sugimoto in Japanese and by Anne McKnight in English

Released December 1998