Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yasuhiro Otani
Jeff Parker


Music Anecdotique Series 3

(PaleBlue, MA-0187) (Japan) (Asian Improv Records, AIR0061) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Japanese Ancient (4:04)
  2. Copy That? (11:46)
  3. Native Traditions (4:07)
  4. Reflecting (6:21)
  5. Life Is Truly (18:09)
  6. Divine Just Ask any God (7:00)

Yasuhiro Otani: laptop computer
Jeff Parker: guitar, effects
Acoustic bass sounds from Tatsu Aoki

Produced by Yasuhiro Otani and PaleBlue
Recorded at Acme Studio, Chicago
Mastered by Yasuhiro Otani at Studio P@leBlue
Production mastering at Orange
Executive Producer: Tatsu Aoki
Creative Director: Francis Wong
Photos, design and cover art by Yasuhiro Otani

Released in 2002