Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yoshihide Otomo

Memory Defacement

Limited Edition of 500

(Japan Overseas, JO97-33/35; FMN Sound Factory, FMAE-02/03) (2-LP set)

  1. Black LP
    Side A: Voice Defacement
    Side B: Experimental Defacement
    Recorded by Yoshihide Otomo in Tokyo, April 1997

  2. Clear LP
    Side A: Live Defacement
    (Nothing on the side B)
    Performed by A-102: Yoshihide Otomo (turntables) and Sachiko M (sampler)
    Recorded live by Noriya Maekawa at Xebec Hall, Kobe on June 14, 1997
    Mixed by Tetsuya Kotani at Omega Sound in Osaka

Project "Memory Defacement" produced by Yoshihide Otomo and Haco
Included liner notes in Japanease and English by Yoshihide Otomo

Released 1997