Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yuji Katsui
Hiroshi Higo
Yoshihide Otomo

Visions of Japan: Sounds of Tokyo

(Our Touch Records, VOJ 0979) (CD)

  1. Sound I (7:58)
  2. Sound II (7:28)
  3. Sound III (9:43)

Sound construction: Yuji Katsui, Hiroshi Higo and Yoshihide Otomo
Produced by Taichi Niwa
Recorded by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound, Tokyo in July 1991
Mixed by Yoshiaki Kondo
Production coordinator: Hideaki Sasaki
Jacket design: Ryuco Umemura

(The Victoria and Albert Museum in London held the exhibition Visions of Japan as part of the Japan-UK Festival 1991. The second room of the exhibition, called Chaos, represented contemporary Japan. The sound collage on this CD was originally commissioned by architect Osamu Ishiyama, who designed Chaos, for use in the exhibition.)

Released 1991