Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura

And So On

((h)ear rings, HR-01) (Japan) (CD)

  1. And (15:57)
  2. So (11:11)
  3. On (16:39)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura: microphone, headphone

Recorded live by Mitsuhiro Yoshimura at Loop-Line, Tokyo July 9, 2005 (1), at Mone, Tokyo, August 7, 2005 (2), and at Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka, September 22, 2006 (3)
Mastered by Mitsuhiro Yoshimura
Drawings and design by Yuka Nimura
Includes liner notes in Japanese and English by Yoshio Otani, Taku Sugimoto, and Mitsuhiro Yoshimura (English translations by Atsushi Yonemoto)

Released in January 2007