Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Atsuhiro Ito


(Gotobai Recordings, GTBI-D-01) (Japan) (DVD)

DVD: NTSC, region free, color, 46 minutes 15 seconds

A visual work created from footage of solo performances and exhibitions, video art, etc. produced in the 10-year period between 1998 and 2008, edited and reconstructed with a focus on the self-made sound object called the optron.

All sound, installation, and collage by Atsuhiro Ito
All compositions and improvisation using optron by Atsuhiro Ito

Live performances
Japan: BankART NYK Hall [2008], Kirin Plaza Osaka [2001], Appel [2006], Studio X [2006], MKstudio [2006], Loop-Line [2006], Earthdom [2008], Kinjyo no Studio [2008], and Room 2001-Y [2008]
U.S.A.: Wonder Ballroom [2007] (Time-Based Art Festival 2007), Portland; and The Kitchen [2007] ("Some Cats from Japan" tour), New York
Canada: Scotiabank Dance Centre [2007] ("Some Cats from Japan" tour), Vancouver

Japan: BankART NYK Hall [2008], Kawasaki City Museum [2006], Kid Ailack Art Hall [2006], Shin-bi [2006], Kirin Plaza Osaka [2001], Mori Art Museum [2004], and Tokyo University Komaba Dormitory [1998]
South Korea: Seoul Museum of Art [2002]

Edited by Luftzug
Sound mastered by Kazunao Nagata
Produced by Atsuhiro Ito

Released in February 2009