Improvised Music from Japan / Discography
Yoshihide Otomo

dead BEAT

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Hiroshi Ando

(GAGA communications, R-9970075) (3" CD)

  1. EMI'S Theme
  2. dead BEAT Theme
  3. dead BEAT BGM 1
  4. dead BEAT BGM 2
  5. Less Than Lover More Than Friends

Track 5 taken from HOAHIO's CD Happy Mail and remixed

Yoshihide Otomo: guitar, turntables, electric bass, CDJ
Tatsuki Masuko (1, 3, 4): keyboard, drum machine
Masaaki Kikuchi: double bass (1, 3, 4)
Sachiko M (1, 4, 5): sampler, vocal

Special guest
Haco (5): vocal, guitar, VS880, etc.

Recorded at GOK Sound by Yumi Kobayashi
Edited at 102 Studio by Yoshihide Otomo
Mastered at Transonic Studio by Kazunao Nagata

This soundtrack CD was sold only with the purchase of a ticket for the film; it was not sold seperately.

Released August 1999