Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Masters of Japanese Electronic Music

(Far East Experimental Sounds, FEES7) (CD)
left: original-issue CD / right: second-issue CD

  1. Cartrige (2:42)
    Otomo Yoshihide: selfmade electronics

  2. The Hangman (7:57)
    Kazunao Nagata: ARP2600 synthesizer

  3. NNN2000 (8:01)
    Nerve Net Noise:
    Tsuyoshi Nakamaru: System Rouge, effects, mix
    Hiroshi Kumakiri: System Blue-Wink, effects

  4. Unbelievably Irritating STT (9:55)
    Toshiji Mikawa: electronics (crystal microphone, metal sheet with contact pick-up, electro-harmonix, broken mini-synthesizer, Ishibashi thermin, beebaa, octavia, sick pitch king, doctor 9, buzz box, digital pitch shifter/delay, TASCAM 4 track cassette MTR), voice
    Fumio Kosakai: electronics (handmade electronic sound generators, Amdeck percussion synthesizer, Audio Technica dynamic microphone, TASCAM 4 track cassette MTR, DOD buzz box, electro harmonix frequency analyzer, BossHyper fazz, KORG multi-effector Tone Works), voice

  5. Nekomata (7:04)
    Manabu Yuasa: minorun, seamoon funk machine, ELK tape echo, Fender digital delay

  6. 83mb (8:20)
    Merzbow: Macintosh Powerbook G3

  7. 77UP (3:10)
    Hanatarashi: TASCAM 8 track open reel deck
    Produced by Eye

  8. Star Liner (Dub Sonic Sound System Mix) (8:59)
    Hado-ho: Maxon PSM8, KORG Kaoss Pad, Boss SE70, Roland VS1680, Casio MA120, Jomox XBASE09, Boss DR660

Produced by Takehito Nakazato
Mastered by Kazunao Nagata at Transonic Studio, Tokyo
Artwork by Naohiro Ukawa
Includes liner notes by Takehito Nakazato in Japanese

The original-issue CD is packaged in a metal container, together with a card for each musician (eight cards in all), including the musician's photo and signature and a list of instruments/equipment he uses in the recording. The second-issue CD is packaged in a brown envelope, without cards.

Released in March 2000 (original-issue CD) / June 2000 (second-issue CD)