Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

dj sniff

Incredulous Cuts: Reinterpretations of the doubtmusic Catalogue

(Doubtmusic, dmv-301) (Japan) (LP)

Side A

  1. Incredulous Intro (1:39)
  2. Liquefaction (6:56)
  3. Kuchithesizer (4:39)
  4. Devil's Remix (3:53)
  5. Cut 1: Mats Gustafsson Saxophone (0:30)
  6. Cut 2: Junji Hirose Saxophone (0:15)

Side B

  1. A Spring's Dream (1:56)
  2. December 26, 2013 Tokyo (7:10)
  3. Blacksheep on a Coral Seabed (5:57)
  4. Cut 3: Noritaka Tanaka Drums (0:30)
  5. Cut 4: Sim (0:15)
  6. Cut 5: Takuma Watanabe Beats (0:15)
  7. Cut 6: Muneomi Senju & Tatsuhisa Yamamoto Drums 1 (0:15)
  8. Cut 7: Muneomi Senju & Tatsuhisa Yamamoto Drums 2 (0:30)
  9. Cut 8: Otomo Yoshihide Guitar 1 (0:15)
  10. Cut 9: Otomo Yoshihide Guitar 2

Main sampled materials from CDs on doubtmusic
A1: Blacksheep Blacksheep (dmf-122)
A2: Otomo Yoshihide Modulation with 2 Electric Guitars and 2 Amplifiers (dms-119)
A3: Koichi Makigami Moon Ether (dms-107)
A4: Tatsuhisa Yamamoto/Muneomi Senju A Thousand Mountains: Accoustic & Synthesized Drums and Percussion (dmf-131)
B1: Akira Sakata The Tale of the Heike (dms-142)
B3: Blacksheep Blacksheep (dmf-122)

Other doubtmusic sources used for this LP:
Kazutoki Umezu Show the Frog (dms-104)
Axel Dörner, Kazuo Imai, Nobuyoshi Ino, and Noritaka Tanaka Rostbeständige Zeit (dmf-132/133)
Kanon Beauty Is the Thing (dmf-141)

All tracks performed, recorded, composed, and mixed by dj sniff at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, except B2, performed by dj sniff, Mitsuhisa Sakaguchi, and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, recorded by Takeshi Awaya at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo
Dubplates by Dieb13
Mastered by Yoshiaki Kondo
Cover artwork by Geoff Kim
Design by Satoshi Suzuki
Produced by dj sniff and Jun Numata

Released in June 2014