Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


Blacksheep 2

(Doubtmusic, dmf-140) (Japan) (CD)

  1. The Voices of Time (6:56)
  2. A Memory of Gravity (7:09)
  3. Perishing Wind (6:59)
  4. Star City (7:14)
  5. The Starlight Illuminates Her Ears (8:55)
  6. Grayscale City (6:59)
  7. Sky Clippings and Spinning Fragments - Revisited (11:59)

Ryuichi Yoshida: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Atsushi Goto: trombone
Dairo Suga: piano

Recorded by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound, Tokyo, December 19, 2010
Mixed and mastered by Yoshiaki Kondo
Produced by Ryuichi Yoshida and Jun Numata
Cover manga by Daisuke Nishijima
Design by Akira Sasaki
Includes liner notes by Jun Numata in Japanese and English (translation by Cathy Fishman)

Released in March 2011