Improvised Music from Japan / Discography



(doubtmusic, dmf-122) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Sky Clippings and Spinning Fragments (17:04)
  2. Black Sheep Song (9:58)
  3. God's in His Heaven, All's Right with the World (8:36)
  4. Dreams of Asphalt Waiting for Wind (13:27)
  5. Dreams of an Arc Lamp (6:06)

All tracks composed by Ryuichi Yoshida

Ryuichi Yoshida: baritone saxophone
Atsushi Goto: trombone
Dairo Suga: piano

Recorded by Kazuhiko Misumi at Shinjuku Pit Inn, Tokyo, August 1, 2007
Mixed and mastered by Kazuhiko Misumi
Produced by Ryuichi Yoshida and Jun Numata
Includes liner notes by Masao Harada in Japanese and English (translation by Cathy Fishman)

Released in August 2008