Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Ikuo Shiosaki
Yuki Saga
Takayuki Kato

I Wish You Love

(Chitei Records, B47F) (Japan) (2-CD set)

  1. Dream a Little Dream of Me (5:06)
    Music by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt, words by Gus Kahn

  2. It's Easy to Remember (4:25)
    Music by Richard Rodgers, words by Lorenz Hart

  3. When Lights Are Low (3:50)
    Music by Benny Carter, words by Spencer Williams

  4. I Wish You Love (6:21)
    Music by Léo Chauliac, words by Charles Trent

  5. Somewhere along the Way (5:58)
    Music by Kurt Adams, words by Sammy Gallop

  6. Mona Lisa (4:02)
    Music by Jay Livingston, words by Raymond Evans

  7. The Boy Next Door (4:41)
    Music and words by Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin

  8. Moonlight Becomes You (6:09)
    Music by Jimmy Van Heusen, words by Johnny Burke

  9. Guilty (4:42)
    Music by Harry Akst and Richard A. Whiting, words by Gus Kahn

  10. Maybe You'll Be There (4:09)
    Music by Rube Bloom, words by Sammy Gallop

  11. Crazy He Calls Me (3:56)
    Music by Carl Sigman, words by Bob Russell

  12. Go Away Little Boy (4:16)
    Music and words by Gerry Goffin and Carole King

  13. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (2:51)
    Music by Dave Mann, words by Bob Hilliard

Bonus Disc

  1. What Am I Here For? (4:52)
    Music by Duke Ellington, words by Frankie Laine

  2. After You've Gone (4:27)
    Music by Turner Layton, words by Henry Creamer

  3. Too Late Now (5:36)
    Music by Burton Lane, words by Alan Jay Lerner

Ikuo Shiosaki: guitar
Yuki Saga: vocals
Takayuki Kato: guitar

Recorded live by Kazuhiko Misumi at Knuttel House, November 18, 2009, and March 16, 2010
Mixed by Kazuhiko Misumi
Mastered by Nobuo Ishizaki
Produced by Ikuo Shiosaki, Yuki Saga, Takayuki Kato, and Mitsutoshi Yoshida
Illustration by Takayuki Kato
Design by Kunihisa Fujiwara
Photos by Yasuhiro Yamashita and K. Abe
Includes Japanese liner notes by Hiroshi Moriyama and Mitsutoshi Yoshida

Released in November 2010