Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Wadada Leo Smith and N'da Kulture

Golden Hearts Remembrance

(Chap Chap Records, CPCD-002) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Emmeya (for Alex Wallace) (12:08)
  2. Lotus Garden (for Amiya Dasgupta) (12:15)
  3. Tawhid (for Lamar) (9:50)
  4. Golden Hearts Remembrance, a Nur Bakhshad (for Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh) (12:48)
  5. Condor (Memorial for Dizzy Gillespie) (14:42)
  6. Mother: Sarah Brown-Smith-Wallace (1920-92) (7:28)

All music by Wadada Leo Smith
Words by Harumi Makino Smith (1, 5)

Wadada Leo Smith and N'da Kulture
Wadada Leo Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn, nohkan
David Philipson: bansuri, tambura
William Roper: tuba
Glenn Horiuchi: piano, shamisen
Sonship Theus: drums, percussion
Harumi Makino Smith: poetry

Recorded by Jim Mooney at Sage and Sound, Hollywood, California, January 18, 1997
Mixed by Tom Erbe
Art and graphic cutting by Harumi Makino Smith
Calligraphy by Delavar Karaien
Photography by Robert Fenz
Photo collage, computer layout, and booklet design by Harumi Makino Smith
Produced by Wadada Leo Smith

Released in 1997