Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Jo Kondo

In Summer

(ALM Records, ALCD-74) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Mulberry, for Orchestra [1998] (12:16)
  2. In the Woods, for Orchestra [1989] (14:02)
  3. In Summer, for Orchestra [2004] (15:05)

    Under the Umbrella, for 5 Percussionists [1976]
  4. I. (3:32)
  5. II. (3:35)
  6. III. (14:59)
  7. IV. (1:39)

All music composed by Jo Kondo

Paul Zukofsky, conductor; Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (1-3)

Nexus (4-7)
Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Robin Engelman, Russell Hartenberger, John Wyre: percussion

Tracks 1-3 recorded by Yukio Kojima at Suntory Hall, Tokyo, October 7, 2004
Tracks 4-7 recorded by Tim Clark in Norland, Ontario, Canada, August 18, 1980
Mastering and tape editing by Paul Zinmann at SoundByte Productions, New York City, with edit choices by Paul Zukofsky (1-3) and Robert C. Ludwig (4-7)
Includes an 8-page booklet with liner notes in Japanese by Jo Kondo, and artwork and photo by Masaco Kondo
Booklet edited by Orie Sato

Released in October 2007
"Under the Umbrella" originally released in 1981 on CP2 U.S. label