Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Koichi Makigami
Ryoji Hojito

Over That Way

(Long Arms Records, CDLA 02034) (Russia) (CD)

  1. A-OK (6:56)
  2. Looking from Here (1:58)
  3. That Way Knows Not (11:11)
  4. The Truth of Two Tongues (3:14)
  5. Song of the Unforeseeable (7:22)
  6. History Lies Scattered About (2:38)
  7. The Life of Neither Bird nor Frog (7:34)
  8. A Japanese Trembling (2:01)
  9. A Candid Legend of the Second Floor (8:49)
  10. Language Always Crumbles (13:21)
  11. Further That Way (2:47)

Koichi Makigami: voice, mouth harp
Ryoji Hojito: piano, sound objects

Recorded live at Dom on November 1, 2000 during the voice festival Deep Throat or Dangerous Strings 2
Sound engineer: Sergey Logvin
Mastered by Sergey Aksenov
Design by Anna Naumova
Produced by Nick Dmitriev
Includes liner notes in English and Russian by Koichi Makigami (English translation by Haruna Ito) and Masami Suzuki

Released August 2002