Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Japanese Avant-garde: Agitation/Stillness--Noise/Silence

(Sub Rosa, SR202) (Belgium) (CD)

  1. So Takahashi - Made in U.S.A. (5:38)
  2. Koji Asano - vs Calla (5:00)
  3. Merzbow - Lux Automobile / Krokodil Rock Mix (7:02)
    Produced and mixed at Bed Room
    All processed by Masami Akita
  4. Haco - Re: Mosquito Illusion (3:55)
    Composed and remixed by Haco
    Haco: harmonized voices, guitar, synthesizer
    Pierre Bastien and his Mechanical Orchestra
  5. Bisk - Smooth-Skinned Woman (4:56)
    Composed by Naohiro Fujikawa
    From the album Ticklish Matters (Sub Rosa, SR141)
  6. Sachiko M - 2808200 (5:29)
    Recorded and edited by Yoshihide Otomo at A-102 Studio in Tokyo
  7. Multiphonic Ensemble - Electric Music Box (4:44)
    Composed, written and performed by Hanno Yoshihiro
    From the album Cirque (Sub Rosa, SR168)
  8. Yoshihide Otomo - DT-2.01 (2:30)
    Recorded by Yoshihide Otomo at A-102 Studio in Tokyo
  9. Aki Onda - Fish Don't Know It's Raining (7:38)
    Composed by Aki Onda
    Mixed by Zak at St-robo
    Produced and recorded by Aki Onda at The Kitchen
    Aki Onda: cassette recorder
    Momo: synthesizer
    Sakana Hosomi: electronics
    Jyoji Sawada: fue
    From the album Precious Moments (Softl Music, SOM 102)
  10. Yoshio Machida - Afterimage (4:42)
    Composed by Yoshio Machida and Aki Onda
    Produced by Aki Onda
    From the album Hypernatural #2 (Softl Music, SOM 101)
  11. Ground Zero - Live 1992 (1:00)
    Recorded live by Kenji Ito at 20000V in Tokyo on March 1, 1992
    From the 7" Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver. 1.50 (Gentle Giant, GG701)
    Yoshihide Otomo: turntables, guitars
    Eye Yamatsuka: voice
    Junji Hirose: sax
    Hideki Kato: bass
    Masahiro Uemura: drums
  12. View Masters - Pachinko Mandala 00 (9:06)
    Field recordings by Haco in 1999-2000
    Edited and produced by Haco at Mescalina in Kobe, 2000
  13. Takashi Miike - Interview (5:09)
    At BIFFF in Brussels, March 2002
  14. Shinya Tsukamoto - Interview (2:25)
    At BIFFF in Brussels, March 2002

Interviews by Adeline Wekmans and Gauthier Keyaerts
Design by Mountain-san
Photography by Adeline Weckmans
Japanese calligraphy by Junko Ashida
Includes liner notes in English by David Toop

Released October 2002